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Maximising living space

Maximising living space

Our most recent client had been contemplating moving to a bigger house, with a bigger garden. Alternatively, he was considering building an extension to accommodate his growing family. From the first contact we talked extensively about the family’s needs, both now and for the future. We provided a number of ideas and detailed landscape design drawings before we decided on the final design.

The garden was small and narrow, and on a slope. The client decided he would still like an outside space to enjoy in the summer, but still required extra living space. He was surprised when our drawings revealed he could have both! A large patio area would lead to a large wooden insulated log cabin, complete with electrics. The wooden cabin would be built on deep concrete base.

The patio was split into three tiers, with a sleeper step design. By doing this it has broken up the garden, giving the effect of being a much bigger area. Each level has its own purpose making the garden a multi-functional living space.

The top tier houses the wooden cabin and has a pathway running along side it. The second tier is designed to be used as an entertaining area, and the bottom tier is to be used for an area for the children.

For access to the wooden cabin, and to split each patio tier, we used some beautiful African Blackwood sleepers. This is an exotic hard wood but is rated the third strongest hardwood in the word, and it is very heavy and hard to work with. The results are outstanding.

For the patio we used a type of Indian sandstone that had been sandblasted, giving it a very smooth and beautiful marble effect finish. We finished it all off with Indian sandstone sets (cobbles) around the border of the whole garden including each tier and the pathway.

Below are some pictures of the work in progress, and the finished result.

IMG-20140519-WA0003[1] IMG-20140530-WA0000[1] 

IMG-20141231-WA0009[1] IMG-20140626-WA0001[1]

IMG-20141231-WA0005[1] IMG-20141231-WA0008[1]

IMG-20141231-WA0004[1] IMG-20141231-WA0006[1] IMG-20141231-WA0002[1]