Landscaping Services

Francis Rose provides a full range of Landscaping Services, including decking, patios, stonework, driveways and more.


Wooden decking can be a great alternative to a paved patio or perfect for being built in conjunction with a paved patio for a contemporary yet “softer” appearance to the area.


Our Speciality

At Francis Rose we specialise in hardwood decking. We take great care and pride in each and every one of our designs, concerning ourselves with the smallest details to ensure that your decking is built to exacting standards from start to finish.

Built to Last

We want your decking to last for many years to come, so we only ever use the very best treated wood and techniques. Laying our decking on over-sized timbers rather than minimum-size timbers that could cause problems in the future and using stainless steel screws to avoid any issues with rust,  you can rest assured that your deck not only looks fantastic but is solid in construction and there to give you many years of enjoyment.

Continuation of Care

As with all natural materials, the wood we make our decking out of will “weather” and will therefore need treating to keep it protected and looking good. We offer a maintenance service to give you peace of mind that your deck is well protected against the elements for longevity and a great, lasting appearance


Your patio is the focal point of your garden, as well as being somewhere to entertain or to simply relax. With a wide range of materials to choose from, we can design and create a patio that optimises the space available in your garden and gives you the perfect place to suit your lifestyle.

Added Value

Did you know that installing a patio can add value to your property? Studies show that the perceived value of a home is raised by 12% when the outside space has been improved with good landscaping.

A well designed and constructed patio is an essential part of this, but it’s not all about property value! More highly prized is the value a great patio brings to you by creating an outdoor space to entertain friends and family or for you to relax and enjoy on your own.

We’ll Help You Choose

At Francis Rose we know that all of our clients have different needs, so before we begin any work we will discuss exactly what you want from your patio area.

We will then work with you to create a design to suit your needs and budget, as well as help you select from the wide range of materials we have available: block paving, flagstones, sandstone and much more!


Our expertly designed driveways offer a functional yet attractive space to complement the appearance of your home.

Durable Driveways

Effective function and beautiful design go hand in hand here at Francis Rose – we never compromise one for the other and our driveways are no exception. With a wide range of materials, textures, colours and designs to choose from, we will build you a driveway that is both highly durable and a joy to look at!

The cost effectiveness of block paving has made this a very popular choice in recent years but there are many options available to create the look you want.

Minimal Maintenance

Our driveways need only the bare minimum maintenance to keep them clean and weed free. Should you require our help, we offer a block paving maintenance service which includes cleaning and re-sealing to keep your driveway looking spotless.

Planting Schemes

Trees and plants are at the heart of any garden, softening the appearance of hard landscaped areas and providing a different look and feel to your garden in tune with the changing seasons.

A Thriving Garden

Pre-planning is essential to ensure that we put the right plants in the right place for a thriving garden. By taking into account the direction your garden faces as well as areas of sun and shade throughout the day and the conditions of the soil, we will create a carefully plotted garden with the ability to live up to it’s full, blooming potential.

Harmonious Design

Here at Francis Rose, we work hard to ensure that all of our landscaping and garden services complement each other beautifully. If you would like us to build you a deck or patio or you have hard-landscaped areas in your outdoor space already, we can discuss all plant and material options before beginning our work, to incorporate a planting scheme that gives your garden a harmonious look and feel.


Natural stone is a beautiful material that will enhance the appearance of any garden, whatever the size.

Specialist Stonework Service

Stonework is incredibly versatile and can be used for many projects – from building walls to terracing on a sloping garden, creating steps or as being used a feature in or around a garden pond. Our specialist stonework fits particularly well with man-made materials to give a contemporary yet natural feel to the landscape.

Get in touch to enquire about our specialist stonework service and to discuss how best to use this wonderful material to achieve the perfect look and feel for your garden.

Ponds, Firepits & Water Features

The sound of trickling water is very relaxing and no more so than on a warm day in the garden.

Custom Ponds & Water Features 

Francis Rose Landscaping can design and build you a pond that perfectly fits the space available. We offer a range of services from simply digging out and lining the pond, to a complete service which includes the installation of the pump and filtration systems, planting of pond plants as well as landscaping the surrounding area. We will even provide the fish if required so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy!

If space is an issue, a water feature is a great alternative to a pond giving you the calm ambiance that the natural sound of water brings.We will discuss with you the range of water features available so that whatever you choose complements the space in which it is situated, perfectly. We will then install the feature and, if required, create a planting scheme around it to enhance its appearance.

*The safety of any garden installation, particularly where it involves water, is a concern to us. If required, we can fit a child-proof net to the pond which will help prevent accidents, whilst still allowing the pond plants to grow and flourish, thus keeping the natural look to the feature.

Looking for a complete overhaul for your garden or need a hand keeping your existing garden in great condition?

We’re here to help! From gardens of all shapes and sizes to driveway installation and maintenance services, we provide everything you need to keep your outside space looking fantastic.