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Indian Sandstone Patio and Steps

Indian Sandstone Patio and Steps

It’s been a while since my last update, its been a busy few weeks. The weather has been great, and its nice to see people out enjoying their gardens again at long last! This is one of my latest jobs, an Indian Sandstone patio and steps. The patio before was uneven and dull, making the patio feel cramped and tired. After four days hard work the patio has been transformed into a beautiful, tranquil living space, with two extended steps adding to the spacious feel. The customer was delighted with the results!

Indian Sandstone is becoming a popular choice for patios and is a hard-wearing, durable material. When buying imported stone, always check the competence, that is, how ‘tough’ is the stone. A simple check is to attempt to crumble a corner of a flagstone between the forefinger and thumb. The poor quality material will disintegrate under pressure, leaving grains of sand on the fingers. We only ever source our material from local, reputable suppliers.

More updates to follow, lets hope the sunny weather sticks around for a while!


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