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Previously completed projects

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Project: Alamo.
Location: Woburn.

This beautiful garden has it all – from two connecting water features to a floating fire pit with water flowing under. It has an imported cedar wood fence perimeter, and also a cedar floating seating area. Raised rendered beds, imported porcelain patio tiles and porcelain cladding wall tiles certainly add that luxury feel. Finished with LED strips, LED lights and an artificial lawn.


Project: Chill.
Location: Brooklands

This project had severe gradient issues so to leave the client with a completely level garden and even a raised bamboo bed was a bonus for them! This garden has a hardwood decking system complete with a hardwood border wraparound, hardwood raised bed filled with yellow and black bamboo and an artificial lawn. Italian porcelain has been used for the patio and finished off with a beautiful hammock to chill on


Project: O’l McDonald
Location: Aspley Heath

Due to accessibility issues, we had to do the whole job coming through a farmers field! The garden was on a severe gradient, so we created a two-tier garden. We used garden sleepers for the retaining work then boxed it all in using additional sleepers to create two oversized garden beds, completed with oversized sleeper steps and a side ramp for disability or easy access. We installed a new hard-standing area using black limestone, and re-turfed and re-planted the rest of the garden.

Project: Titan
Location: Walnut Tree