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A Beautiful, Bespoke Garden!

A Beautiful, Bespoke Garden!

You’ve seen the sneak preview, and now here is the completed job- we’ve spent the last few weeks completely transforming this garden to give it the ‘wow’ factor! When we arrived at this job it was a bit of a mess- the customer had been let down by three other landscape companies. We have created a multi-level garden using hardwood decking, with different shapes and angles providing a unique design throughout the whole garden. The materials used were all natural and complement each other perfectly. From the soft flowers to the Red Balau hardwood, to the Indian sandstone- nothing in this garden is man-made (apart from the screws and cement of course!). Over 1oo sleepers were used to create the sleeper beds and the terraced stairs. While we’re talking numbers, nearly 5000 screws were used throughout the whole job! We built a brand new lawn area to complete the overall feel to the garden, and LED lighting will allow the warm summer nights to be enjoyed for longer! We hope you agree that this really is something special!

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