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As a local landscape gardeners and garden design company in Milton Keynes  our reputation matters, so we always work in a professional manner taking the greatest care to make sure that we create a beautiful outside space for you.  We have extensive experience not only in creating beautiful  gardens, lawns, patios, decking, driveways and  fencing but  also in maintaining them  so you can enjoy them for many years to come. We know that in our busy world, your garden or patio are a place for tranquillity relaxation and entertaining, but most people don’t have the time to create or maintain their ideal space. We also provide a full garden design service as well as a full  installation and maintenance services so you can  leave it to us to take care of all your garden and landscape gardening  needs!

Garden Design Service

After an  initial  informal chat & video  consultation we can begin the process of creating your dream outside space  We can also – if you wish – make a safe site visit to your outside space and with safe distancing measures in place discuss what you wish to achieve  and how we can reach your goals within your budget. We will then advise you online on the design and materials best suited to your project.  Finally using our state of the art  2D and 3D imaging software we can  show you exactly what your new garden, patio or driveway will look like!  Once you are happy with the design  we can then provide you a no obligation quote.  COVID 19 has already taken so much  but lets not let it take away our dreams too!

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Looking for a New Lawn or Patio? A overhaul Of Your Current Garden or Decking? Maintenance For your Driveway Or paving?

We’re here to help With All Your Landscape Gardening Needs! We design, install and maintain gardens, Lawns, patios, Decking, Driveways, paving & fencing of all shapes and sizes. everything you need to keep your outside space looking fantastic.!